Focus - dealers difference between first-class and third-dealer!

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dealer groups also extremely differentiated into third-class distributors and dealers, and the rest are not second-rate dealers are struggling to enter the class ranks, it is being reduced to third-rate groups.

Today, the boundary has become apparent that the first-class dealers are rushing to the factory, stores cajole, getting goods to get the store, marketing services, preferential nature is preferred; third-rate dealers are factory hurt , stores do not love, Lunbu Shang benefits, preferential looking not copies, and difficult to survive hard to force, store a withdrawal and then withdraw, withdraw no shop can withdraw up.

dealers and third-class dealer What is the difference? Flows from the third class how far?

class reseller initiative, passive third-dealers shuffle

now, demand exceeds supply in the market, only to take the initiative in order to grab more porridge.

dealers are currently doing well to take the initiative of first-class distributors, promotion, sweep the floor, to seek cooperation designers, Purchasing Guide training, establish service system and so on, they do more than ever before, more active.

third-dealers on the contrary, is not passively wait passively waiting for factories, stores engaged in activities, but the more the more passive market has done well, the market has done well on the more passive, and so a vicious cycle, the situation is getting worse and worse, and finally can only be eliminated.

"Dealers already flies well, more difficult to survive, these passive dealers even worse, the store can only continue to shrink, shuffling a little more intense."

[123 ] As the above-mentioned home store vice president said, this is an era of competition law of the jungle, people who take the initiative to grab more food, vulnerable to attack people can only watch others put their mouth where the meat away.

gap between the dealer and the dealer to pull from the active and passive start the attitudes and behavior.

class reseller selling services, third-rate dealers sell products

The same is done with a brand products, why some dealers did well some dealers done a poor job? The reason is that third-class auto dealers to do more than a little bit, not just sell products but also sell services.

On the one hand, the market now what style of product has, product homogeneityMore and more serious, differences in product superiority is decreasing; on the other hand, consumer spending has changed the concept of using the value of the pursuit of not only the product, as well as the purchase process services to enjoy.

In this case, if you just sell products, markets are so many options, why should consumers choose you? Low price? It was also lower than the price you! Now only sell products no longer viable.

Now some dealers are doing excellent service, professional training they have shopping guide team, team logistics installation, maintenance, repair and other after-sales team, do give customers professional services in the pre-purchase, give in after-sales personalized caring service.

through word of mouth these services to win customer trust and support, customer trust and reputation and will bring more customers and sales source, related cases are not uncommon in terminal sales market.

selling services and selling products are the two run contest of thinking, it is clear that in a buyer's market, innovative products and services to be more competitive.

class reseller intensive, extensive third-dealer extensive farming

to open a shop, make a few Purchasing Guide, do some holiday promotion, is not it you can do a shop? If it is placed on five years ago, I believe that you can put a shop doing well, but on the present, the answer is not sure, and very worried.

Now, it seems that this is a very extensive business model, there is not much management and operation, business is also done Cancan faint, it is now so extensive farming extensive dealer base is third-rate dealers, It will live more and more difficult.

"I wanted to do well, you have to intensive cultivation, and now raise as crude as before, could not do better." The industry believes.

dealers shop class layout, third-dealer shop seeking the number

to the dealer, the shop is not better, but more than the number of poor quality, and ultimately can not escape withdraw shop fate. Before even now there are some dealers there is such a situation: seeking only to shop but no layout.

on shop layout, the industry also gives some suggestions: big cities to open more stores, a small city to open large stores.

class reseller choose the Idea brand, third-rate dealers see priceMoney

finally choose to cooperate brand is also very important, third-class distributors and dealers to select plants What is the difference? Dealers pay more attention to the concept of first-class facility, third-rate dealers pay more attention to price.

a fierce price war in the market, dealers are hoping to be able to plant more competitive price, the price is often the deciding factor dealers chose to partner factories, as long as the price is low enough to give the factory, even if the product is not how kind may also agent, this can be seen from a number of exhibitions phenomenon, the show is often the price is very low, very favorable contract manufacturers the most popular.

However, for first-class dealers, just look at the price is not enough, but also plant the idea of ??cooperation with the dealer to see the manufacturers have no ability and determination to do the brand, and to whom change strength and movement and so on.

Therefore, first-class dealers choose a concept of cooperation, capable of symbiotic coexistence with the cooperation of the manufacturers, the ability to have more opportunities to compete with the risk of development. In turn, manufacturers are increasingly willing to cooperate with leading distributors, to the services and benefits to a greater extent.

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