Inchcape sound water purifiers to join the joining fee required to join the number of conditions

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As market wealth hearts of many people, water purifier is one of the current business market is very hot item. Now many people will choose to join a venture project as a way to get rich, water purifiers because its prospects continue to be of concern to people, it is one of a very select market of popular items. Inchcape sound water purifier brand franchising charm, strength, People's Choice is worth a good brand of entrepreneurship. Following up on a sound understanding of Inchcape under water purifier and joining fee required to join it. Jay joined the sound of the water purifier to claim 1, love the water purification industry, entrepreneurial spirit. 2, Jay water purifier able to accept the person in charge of the sound management of the company and the region. 3, with open mind and a healthy attitude. 4, willing to participate in sound Inchcape water purifier various training headquarters, to comply with the regulations. 5, with sufficient investment capital. 6, with team spirit. 7, in order to concentrate on their professional attitude threw himself into management. (Source: network intrusion deleted) sound Inchcape purifier joining fee introduce open tone Inchcape water purifier franchise investment costs of around 30-60 Wan (for reference only), 60,000 initial fee paid to the headquarters, margin is 10000, this part will be returned after the contract expires, the management fee of 1.2 million a year, the shop is 10,000 yuan renovation costs, training costs temporarily charged. Shop in the whole process, in addition to the headquarters to pay these costs, the rest of the shop costs and operating costs are also not small. But the sound of Inchcape water purifier humane way of joining, the headquarters of preferential great, to achieve the purpose of controlling costs and reduce spending. The above is for general Jay sound of water purifier introduced, competitive brands, franchisees want to be based is also very simple thing in the market. As long as there are sufficient funds, you can rest assured started. If you have confidence in the sound of the water purification kit, then it quickly to inquire of it, there will be little sister enthusiastic customer service to help you join in which Oh!