Environmental Vision- water purification industry of joy and sorrow

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say in the home appliance market is not optimistic about the overall situation of the moment, air purifiers are tight encirclement of a dark horse, everyone knows, come to the fore, contrarian and there a dark horse - water purifier.

to enhance public awareness of environmental health Ye Hao, frequent water pollution incidents forced the pressure applied or, a few years, the popularity of water purifiers recently presented a qualitative leap, becoming the everyday household appliances a. The rapid development of the domestic power market continues to broaden expansion, not only where the water purification industry, but also the inevitable result of the development.

statistical monitoring data shows that in 2015 1-7 months, my country's domestic water purifier market sales reached 3.5 billion, an increase of close to 58%. The year 2015, the water purifier market size reached 95 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 42% in 2014, which works machine market of 50 million, accounting for 53%; the console market of 4.5 billion, accounting for 47%. The blowout caused by the same water industry investment boom, more than 5000 brands competing against together to create "Hundred Flowers" era of big water purifier field.

in terms of data or market developments naked eye can see, can come to this conclusion: my country's home appliance is to "clean water" from the era of "water" era.

rage, water purifier, the world seems to give a feeling: it is the front row of candles in the dark Juju. However, somewhat exaggerated ingredients Heianzhiguang, because no matter how fiery how heyday, water purification problems facing the industry can not be ignored or even forgotten.

many brands, good and bad; lack of standards, urgent need to establish; false propaganda, popular ...... is not recognized from the beginning, to the later market disorder, the concept of flying, all kinds of hype, so many of the same consumer confusion.

In fact, compared to the 2013 outbreak of fanaticism, 2014 to 2015 to enter the water purification industry has far fewer brands. In addition to the effect of the regulation of national macro-policy, the market itself is more "clean" capability, such as industry reshuffle intensifies, profits increasingly thin, promotion costs and other. In the fight late in the competition, the four-owned enterprises (no channels, no technology, no brand, no service) gradually disappearing.

there is joy, there is also sorrow, which is my country's water purifier to the current development of a true portrayal.

Zhexiang viral spread of development, that car the size of the problem constantly testing the consumer's bottom line. However, out of the domestic limitations, look at the rest of the world, by contrast, China's water purification products utilization is still low, wide north of the three cities using the rate of 15%, other cities Needless to say, while the United States and Europe is as high as 70%, thus reflecting the image is: to explore the potential of the water purifier market is unlimited.

to break the bottleneck of product quality and after-sales, to fill the lack of short-board industry standard to address the industry has caught more than ten years "in period" BUG, ??led the field onto the water purifier orderly healthy green road of sustainable development, can say the next few years, China will not become the center of global fresh water areas?

Of course, the rise of the water purifier is a great field that everyone wants to see the results, but the Chinese environmental protection or online venture to say a digression: Water This is indeed affect the body's source of life, If only the water purifier as a "savior", that would be a bit narrow view, self-deception, systematic and comprehensive water conservation, water protection, flood control, it is the right path.