Buy imported water purifier must pay attention to this aspect 6

2020-06-28 11:06:22  来源:  编辑:admin

import water purifier has begun to popularize in our country, so we can not just buy imported water purifier installed on the bin, also you need to learn how to correctly grasp the import of the water purifier that need attention.

1, often rinse water purifier, which can effectively extend the life of the water purifier.

2, when the water purifier fails to close immediately the tap water inlet valve, water cut, professionals do not disassemble.

3, the water purifier is not used for a long time, should be used again repeatedly flushing water purifier cis 2-5 minutes, until the drained water purifier memory.

4, using the water purifier should remain membrane filter in a wet state. If the membrane filter and drying will lead to a sharp decline in water production and can not be recovered.

5, if it is found out of the purified water is contaminated phenomenon, to open the drain in the tap water pipe drained sand, rust, etc., with sufficient drainage tap, then using the water purifier system.

6, the tap is opened the first time use, the water inlet valve, the faucet purification, rinsing 15 minutes, until water is clear and foam-free. After closing the discharge tap, the tap is opened purification, can be used normally after five minutes of water.

on the import of water purifier should be noted that the introduction here, and we want to help.