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weekend coming of the supermarkets do a home water purifier sales in full swing, and the busy business situation compared to consumers this side is a little tricky, too much water purifier brand so that consumers at once, but to conform , so many do not know what kind of water purifier brand this option, consumers had to choose a reassuring lament of water purification products really is not easy. Found that many consumers were misled by the sales staff in the purchase of a home water purifier division will be below the water purifier to Jin Wote expert analysis of what consumers during the purchase of a water purifier which will be misled by the wrong idea.

home water purifier is a small water treatment equipment. Structure generally comprises a coarse filter, activated carbon adsorption, ion-exchange resins, hollow fiber, and several reverse osmosis membrane. Water purifier can effectively out of chlorine in the water, the activated carbon can remove some of the organic substances in the water. Good water purifier clean treated water free of bacteria can be improved mouthfeel. Now people increasingly high demand for health, so it is more widely used household water purifiers.

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which is better household water purifier

Category home water purifier There are many ways in which good multi-stage filtration and reverse osmosis water purification, with they treated water without boiling can drink directly, there is a gold media filter water purifiers, water purification while still add to the body of trace elements.

good water purifier must achieve good health permit higher health supervision departments through technical supervision departments identified, in line with "drinking water standards" countries. Now the higher cost water purifier market will comfort multi-stage filtration water purifier, and acceptable to the working class, it is to use one kind of family more.

Among the water purifier home water purifier Jin Wote this article is to be highlighted: To purchase a water purifier, we must first understand the variety of water purification products, water purifier mainly includes three categories of products: pure water, soft water machine, ultrafiltration machines, their functions are different. Before you buy or enter Jinwo Te is the best water purifier organ network to understand clearly understand completely define your own family time after what water purifier good! Otherwise chaos prescription may not have much effect in their own Oh!