Hua Kang water purifier Spring Festival -net- Xiyingmen

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As early as a few months before the Spring Festival in order to better popularize knowledge of healthy drinking water, so that more families to prevent water pollution, protect the family health safety of drinking water daily, Hua Kang water purifier and agents throughout the country launched the "healthy drinking water enjoy a new life, - M Spring Festival "net" Xiyingmen "a large gathering promotions, to let each family unit at minimal cost, to purchase the desired water purifier, whole house water purification whole family enjoy a new life.

As the process of industrialization, my country's water pollution problems have become increasingly severe, frequent exposure of the "stupid poisoning, excessive heavy metals, cancer villages, antibiotics excessive" and other things that cause people to panic on the safety of drinking water. Water pollution, but also the source of sickness, according to the World Health Organization WTO authoritative survey reported that 80% of the estimated human disease and 50% of child deaths and water pollution. My country relevant departments for investigation, only less than 11% of the people in line with our drinking water health standards. Solve the water pollution problem is a problem of people's livelihood.

as a leading brand water purifier, Hua Kang Bing-zhi together "to improve water quality for the benefit of the people, I love China," the purpose, over the years - M focus water purifiers, water purifiers and related equipment research and development, tirelessly over the first introduction of foreign technology, has received more than 400 national patents, water purification technology has reached international advanced level. Hua Kang all of its products are for different water quality, research and development according to local conditions. At the same time to meet the different requirements of the owners of the home, whole house water purification scheme for multiple choice or customization. - M currently nearly 100 products, each product launch are causing consumers sought after, and imitate the water industry, sales for many years ahead.

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