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How few dollars of bottled water sold for a few hundred dollars? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 591 Published: 2016-8-12 11:24:34 founder "trend watch" site Rainier · Yifo Si for marketing and brand value has its own unique perspective, he said. : "no matter how mundane a thing as long as you can provide a good story about it and make it spread, it can be worth any surge in consumer goods can be turned into luxury goods, such as milk, top, top. matches and top toothpaste, etc. to do the brand, tell a story, make the brand 'unlimited appreciation', of course, take time to appreciate the role of marketing is the magic of ordinary! "Why talk about the story? University of Washington in Seattle preparing beautiful the campus built a huge body mass of the stadium. News came out, immediately aroused the opposition of the professors. So obedience school professors who wishes to cancel the plan. Why professors will oppose it and wonder why the school is so respected professors' opinions when it turned out that the University of Washington professor recruitment, always give good professors tell a story, "Seattle beauty" of:?? Seattle on the Pacific coast, Lake Washington and other large and small dotted waters, you can see one of the highest peaks of the snow-capped Mount Rainier Americas eleven, drive out to the edge of death can also reach the volcano Helen volcano ...... one by one when the weather is nice and because of this story, let the University of Washington professors willing to accept lower wages than the average American professor for about 20% of the treatment, and not to other university faculty to find higher pay. In other words, Washington University professor of wages, 80% in monetary form of payment, 20% is a beautiful story brings pleasant mood compensation. But the location of the school gymnasium just selected Lake Washington campus, stadium, once completed, will block the views from the windows of the restaurant staff to the beautiful lake, which means that wages professor will be reduced by 20%. So professors will have good reason to flow to other universities. Therefore, the value of the story can add value to the product, to make it worth rise. "Rainier effect" with appreciable numbers Description: The story is wealth. In commodity exchange, the story is the price. The story is intangible product, and the product is a tangible carrier of the story. It has aWhat products allow consumers are willing to pay a premium price, it is precisely because consumers pay high prices to buy not only products, but more importantly is able to move his story, get emotional satisfaction through a combination of products and stories. For water, the water needs to tell the story as a daily consumer goods, most low-end most basic, in the minds of most people is synonymous with cheap goods. One dollar, two dollars to fight the sales of bottled water, but suffered heavy losses in profits, so entrepreneurs will think, how to expand profit margins bottle of water? To solve this problem, all the high-end brands have entered or fashion, by raise the price of water to expand profit margins. BlingH2O $ 36.75- $ 90 (equivalent to ¥ 600 poly) 几元的瓶装水如何卖到几百元?_恬净净水 How to make bottled water is full of stories? So that consumers with beer, wine prices even buy a bottle of water, give them what kind of reason? High-end bottled water brands They are invariably raised the banner of the story on the marketing tactics for the product or add a legend, or romantic, or mystery stories to support prices. The story rampant in marketing high-end bottled water market. Hundred dollars from five yuan ten dollars to tens of dollars from the country nine years, 5100 to foreign Evian, VOSS, almost all high-end bottled water should tell a story about water sources. Russia Card K-7: "Water is younger than about 65 million years of the Cretaceous era." Everest glacier:. "The world's highest peak from the natural mineral springs of living water" Tibet 5100: "Tibet from 5100 meters water sources spring water temperature maintained at about 23 degrees year round "nine thousand years:".. water sources in the territory of Aba County in Sichuan Province Blackwater water age of 9610 years, is hundreds of millions of years of glacial melt water bottom, water age in the world today has been measured the longest original ecology glacier spring water "Fiji:".. too much calcium bottled water in Europe, although this is good for the bones, but they taste buds will feel discomfort from Fiji's Fisheries volcanic area, less calcium "prehistoric 1. Ma: "Earth's oldest water" King Island cloud:. ", rainwater naturally very clean", "produced in Tasmania, Australia, where has the world's" cleanest air 420 Volcanic: "produced in New Zealand an extinct volcano at the foot of the Banks Peninsula, to ensure that no one ever meddle "Voss:". from a pure land in southern Norway is one of the purest water on Earth can find from where a steady stream.Low mineral natural water content of the effluent, free of sodium, and unmatched taste. "Every water source has its own unique characteristics, each characteristic is a legend of time and space. When people drank, would naturally think of this magical journey bottles of water, get time or space emotional experience different stories appeal to different types of consumers, they are brought an emotional experience as wonderful Evian said:... I was not drinking mineral water, but consumers not to drink Evian mineral water water, but a bottle of water occurs in the body of this story, the brand is the name of the story. the story about water, in the form of bottled water delivered to consumers, so that consumers get a full range of brand experience from the sensory and psychological. the formation of a successful brand is the product into the story in the process. At a time when consumers do not just buy the material form of the product obtained, more brand story brings emotional experience even need to pay a premium to get, consumers will also willingly. this is the story of the brand to bring a premium. the story of a premium model physical product value story emotional value = + brand value price formation mechanism under the brand story will not only have a physical value fluctuates around product the physical value of the product plus the emotional value of the brand is the ultimate standard price, while at the same time, the brand is often not worth the emotional price of such digital symbols measurable, everyone has very different needs and feelings of , the same person at different times there is a large difference in the demand for emotional, so floating around the value of the price of space will greatly broaden and expand the effective range of product prices, to maximize product prices.