How to buy a new glass disinfection

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to buy a new glass not only need to be cleaned, but also need to be disinfected, then buy a new glass how sterilization?

buy a new glass also need to be disinfected, because a lot of glass in which we have been touched, above bacteria and dirt is very much, if not disinfected , it will hurt their health.

how to buy a new glass sterilization

1, tea, with waste odor. If there is the smell of the cup, first scrub with waste tea, then rinse, that is, except the smell .

2, salt water for 30 minutes.

3, wash with gray charcoal gray or burnt plants.

4, with hot dry boil or open the lid for 2-3 days.

5, to the milk taste Method: First wash with detergent and clean, and then poured into a plastic cup soup two key fresh milk, capped, shaken, so that every corner of the cup in contact with the milk, about 2 minutes, and finally drained milk, the cup clean.

6, orange peel to taste Method: First wash with detergent and then placed in fresh orange peel, cover, placed about 3 to 4 hours to clean rinse.

7, a few drops of lemonade, heating blistering two hours ~ Life Care: Try these methods, many of my friends tried before I used sterilized milk, fresh milk into the cup. You can not be a filling, leaving a distance of about 60 degrees and then placed in the warm water for about 30 minutes.

to tell you so many ways to disinfect, we can be sterilized, ready to use in this manner, so that if you do not know what kind of cup to drink the safest? Focus on the Family so many small water knowledge.

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