Heavy construction Shanghai International Water Exhibition will open June 3

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[water purifier investment net net] a high-quality water supply and drainage event

once water, warm, the wind industry supply chain adopt annual feast

30,000 square meters, 450 exhibitors providers, 30,000 professional visitors and buyers

fourth Shanghai international architecture Exhibition of water, will be a grand opening in Shanghai Hongqiao national Exhibition Center June 2019 3-5!


big gathering, more than 450 global brands drainage areas homogeneous appearance

as the influence of building excellent water, heating, air trade show, after over four years of development, the current BUILDEX CHINA (SHANGHAI) Shanghai international Exhibition building water will hit a new high display size, 30,000 square meters, gathered in drinking water piping system, more than 450 high-quality brand in the field of domestic hot water and HVAC systems, building drainage systems and urban systems and sponges related upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises copolymer.

classes nikko, clean water, Kang, Sheng wide, folk music, HSBC, Taurus, Ya Chang, Oventrop, Georg Fischer, Wavin, Georgia Lan, Vesbo, AD, Tianli , Shi Feng, Wang Le Royal, Ivan grams, Lee Bai special, clean energy and other well-known brands led the industry exhibitors, exhibits more than 10,000 pieces, covering civil, commercial buildings and part of the municipal building products, relying on the Shanghai international architecture Exhibition of the water professional B2B platform, the majority of our field sales agents, government agencies, engineering installation company, HVAC engineering company, decoration companies, consulting firms, construction design institute, hotel, real estate and other industries to promote user on display.


more than industry conferences and forums, building water runs through all areas

This exhibition is not only the construction of water, warm, brand display and cooperation in the field of wind Fair, more scene the audience to create a set visit with participants in one of the water supply and drainage yuan trade exchange platform.

The fourth China Sourcing Summit decorative one thousand enterprises

Following the 2018 success of "The Third China Sourcing Summit decorative one thousand enterprises decoration cum Sourcing Fair," Horacio Exhibition and China decoration Engineering Union (the "Union Zhongzhuang") collaborate together again, and held the 2019 annual strategic cooperation signing ceremony recently. Zhongzhuang Union chairman Mr. Liu Guanggui and Horacio exhibition itemsDeputy Head Mr. Wang Xulei representing the two sides signed a strategic cooperation annual book, Chinese home improvement industry elite meeting, Mr. Secretary-General Chen Cheng, deputy secretary general of the Association are installed Residential Industry Branch, chief expert of the Swiss Institute think tank Chinese teacher and deputy director are installed with long, general manager of Shanghai Jia decoration Group central purchasing Center Mr. Sage Zhang and other witness! and the two sides to create a joint 2019 "fourth Chinese decorative one thousand enterprises sourcing Summit" will be held during the exhibition grand!


ecological comfortable home designer show model room experience to lead a new wave of home

this exhibition, the organizers will first launch a fantastic, highlights Hui gather "ecological comfortable home designer model room experience show ": the number of Chinese and foreign design in a large coffee, a selection of three large coffee design together to create three sets of ecological comfortable home integration model room, will showcase the latest plumbing wind industry's leading brand of complete sets of equipment integrated system solutions for 3 days to let You discover real art scene up close experience. Will attract new field of decoration designers, real estate project owners and distributors and other audiences come to visit the show focused experience while large foreign designer coffee scene commencement speech, to share innovative ideas, recommended brands, to lead the new wave of ecological comfortable home for I thought presents a fantastic feast collision.

food kitchen oil-water separator forums

organizers work together again with the Shanghai Federation of Food Safety (referred to as "food Allianz"), to create a joint "food kitchen oil-water separator forums 2019. " Municipal Food and Drug Administration released site leading to oil-water separation New Deal interpretation of the status quo and trends in the industry, from manufacturers to showcase new technologies and technological achievements in the field of scientific research, design, construction and other new technologies in the oil-water separation devices in recent years, the use of units also from the perspective of actual use to share, and the rest in different industries have also expanded exchanges and discussions from their point of view, the development of new ideas inspired the industry, and to generate waste oil and oil-water separation unit device manufacturers both sides to build a communication, negotiation platform.

Another 2019 Water Forum - thin-walled stainless steel special theme, stainless steel pipes promotion of the General Assembly, city building water Forum, sponge City Summit, water purification products and technologies and other innovative applications General Assembly forum, lock industry trends and hot spots, large coffee industry elite together on the road.

six exhibition linkage, plumbing wind industry chain to create a one-stop sourcing platform

In addition to the Shanghai International Exhibition Building water, belong to the "Central World will" Twelfth Shanghai's international water exhibition, the Eighth Shanghai International Exhibition valve, the Fifth Shanghai International Exhibition air fresh air, fifth Shanghai international solid-waste gas and Shanghai international Exhibition of Water Resources Exhibition will also be held concurrently at the national convention Center June 3-5.

By then, six exhibition linkage, joint appearance, the total size of this industry event will reach 250,000 square meters, it is expected to have 3500 exhibitors same stage debut, and will attract 120,000 visitors at home and abroad and buyers to discuss the purchase, giving you the opportunity to understand the industry of new products, new concepts and new technical value, in order to provide the impetus for the development of business cooperation with the occupation! Magnifique three days worth every industry insiders to savor!