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With the increasingly serious water pollution in the country, people's awareness of healthy drinking water is constantly increasing, net water is more and more people's attention. However, the type of water purifier on the market varied, many brands, the concept of complex and diverse functions. So many consumers feel confused, or even buy into a trap.

misunderstanding: water purifier filter, the better

water purifier filter is not possible, some low-end water purification products, quick to 4,5 a filter, but they are simple filter material, the filtering effect may not be as strong a high-performance filter. Small advice, the last of drinking water filter, disposable filter to be used as much as possible, to avoid secondary contamination.

Myth: the new purifier technology better

heard one kind of mineral water purifier, said to be added minerals needed by the body in the water. They will not speak add sugar as convenient as whether minerals in the water, even if it added to it, the human body can absorb still a problem. If thus causing other adverse effects, it is really more harm than good. New technologies and products in some other areas, we can dare to do the first person to eat crab. But with his health and his family closely related to water purification machines, select the elapsed time proven reliable product is responsible for the family.

Myth: water purifier filter does not need to be replaced within a short time

In fact, the clogging of the filter is a good filter, which shows also shows a water purifier really works. The market declared cartridge 3--5 years without change, often exaggerated. Do not over-pursue cheap. High-quality filter water of life, and the net will be better, prices will go up. But the overall cost of computing is still down.

Myth: The more expensive the better the price of water purifiers

This is a typical misunderstanding purchase, many buyers feel it is rather too esoteric and technical trouble, I thought: I'm not cheap, I'm willing to pay for the health, I always choose the most expensive right now. The point is that for many businesses, with some of the new technology as a selling point, the price doubled a few more fighting. If you see the price of a product is much higher than similar products, it was carefully studiedIn the end you look at where we are. Not too cheap to buy, too expensive have to wait and see.

Myth: the higher the better precision cartridge filter

To select the purifier based on water quality, not the blind pursuit of high-precision filter, the quality of water such as North rigid, the reverse osmosis membrane can filtered off calcium ions, reducing scale formation; excessive heavy metals suitable for use in reverse osmosis water purification unit area; but only improve the quality of kitchen water, to remove sediment, rust, chlorine, colloid, ultrafiltration water purifier to enough. A

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