Electricity providers complement the traditional sales channels, the water purification industry rea

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traditional business models and electricity supplier channels, in the end who is the direction of future development of water purification industry? It is a water purifier nearly two decades of development data show that the traditional pre-sales model more widely, profitability is relatively more, whereas electricity supplier no one cares, a loss is inevitable. But as people have incomparable advantages of traditional sales and deep understanding of the electricity business platform for electronic business gradually began to occupy the mainstream. The industry believes that the development of electronic business in the future will become the mainstream of the development of water purification industry.

at the electricity supplier is yet to come, is one of the most reliable trading platform to businesses and stores as a face to face transaction. But water purifier in domestic development is not long life, penetration rate is not enough, the store does not give too much respect consumer trust. On the other hand the well-known electronic business platform for shopping, not only has the authority brands guarantee, the price is also more affordable than traditional transactions, plus deeper understanding of consumer online shopping, trading electricity supplier consumers get better!

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at the same time, the scope of the electricity business transactions is very broad, in the network, the product all over the world can buy directly, but also come and save the cost of traditional shopping, convenience save money; enterprises to develop business platform, but also save a real market research, purchase shops, and so on the campaign trail links, saving time and effort.

water purifier company's future in the mainstream of development will inevitably electricity supplier industry. However, we must see the current situation in their own encounter. For brands, the e-commerce, focusing on business; for retailers, e-commerce, focusing on electronics. If you can not have a deep understanding of their business, losses will also foot the bill themselves.

the traditional business model in China is very necessary, the electricity supplier only as part of the mainstream of enterprise development, and can not replace all traditional business.