Drinking water purification relative to other methods superiority

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At present water quality across the country, there are some security risks. As is commonly the northern region hard water, prone to cause stones, etc. affect human health; southern regions have excessive heavy metals, harmful to human liver, gall bladder and kidney. Water purifier can be for different regions, targeted cleanup, so the indicators of drinking water compliance with health requirements.

There are currently a major source of household drinking water: boil the tap water; bottled drinking water access; direct purchase bottled water for daily life. Various methods were analyzed relative superiority of the water purifier.

1, after the water boil, still can not remove the scale, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacterial contamination of carcasses and so on.

tap water after chlorine disinfection, can kill viruses, bacteria, but can not remove the scale, heavy metals, volatile substances, but also viruses and bacteria corpses still exists, and after chlorine virus, there will be residual chlorine present in the water. After long-distance transport of water through the pipe, prone to secondary pollution, rust, sediment, bacteria, etc. will be affected once again on the quality of tap water, especially for high-rise residential premises, due to the secondary pressure, so the roof is generally there are tanks which will be home tap water sediment, rust, bacteria and other contamination. So basically I would choose to boil water to drink, but can only solve the boil bacteria problem, not solve the sediment, rust, scale, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacteria corpses and other issues, so just boil drinking water quality is not It will be fundamentally improved.

2, then bottled water dispenser, the high cost, short period, more susceptible to secondary pollution.

bottled water bucket about seven ~ ten dollars, high cost, and this is with a large majority of the water purifier water or water machined, there is little natural well water city. At the same time the bottled water storage time is short, perishable, used to connect with the dispenser in the open state, the air pollutants are therefore not an ideal solution for drinking water.

3, the high cost of bottled water is not suitable for everyday family use.

is a small number of bottled water as a daily water rich family, but this approach is too costly, and the results may not be as water purifier.

4, use a water filter can effectively filter all kinds of pollutants, to achieve the standard drink, and relatively low cost.

water purifier is purely physicalFiltering method can effectively remove various pollutants, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, scale (calcium and magnesium, etc.), volatile substances, rust, sand, etc., and the cost of bottled water is relatively much lower, water good taste, to drink without boiling, so the family is the ideal solution for drinking water.