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HC Network recently purifier directed by China Household Electrical Appliances Association, sponsored by the national grid, Zhengyang cultural transmission ponder hosted 2020 Chinese dishwasher consumer outreach activities 4.0 was officially launched. The event will bring together public service activities will start, the public discussion of hot topics spread, involved the full sense of the online game, passion micro-film, popular science articles and videos, as well as a large coffee industry, leading enterprises, more than 2020 media participation wash bowl machine industry Summit, and publish reference for consumers to buy the "2020 White Paper dishwasher purchase" all-round, multi-angle, multi-form to carry out work to promote the popularity of dishwashers, guide consumption.


affected by the impact of the epidemic, many appliance category market suffered a deep decline. Among them, the whole kitchen electric market in the first quarter of 2020, retail sales of 17.05 billion yuan, down over 4 percent year on year. Orville cloud network while monitoring data from the retail end of the show, the first quarter of 2020, sales of dishwasher 246,000 units, sales amounted to 1.04 billion yuan, an increase of 10.4% in volume, leading electric kitchen appliances and even the entire category.

The industry generally believes that outbreak average consumer demands changed obviously, to bring more public attention on health, but also make most people have a more in-depth thinking on a healthy diet, so brought the opportunity to cultivate universal secondary market for the dishwasher.


a bright future, which is the manufacturers and the industry to determine the future of the dishwasher. So not overly optimistic, but the combination of one of the penetration point of view, the dishwasher is indeed the most promising market of home appliances category. According to the National Bureau of Statistics released data show that in 2019, my country's provinces dishwasher penetration rate did not reach 3%, we expect only about 1% of the overall penetration rate. In this context, "2020 China dishwasher consumer outreach activities 4.0" set off again.

According to the organizers say, the outreach activities will focus on "natural water-saving" theme progressed, which lasted two months. Detonated by a number of hot social topics, including:? # But there are still people do not know the dishwasher can Xiguo # # our family two people to eat in the end want to buy a dishwasher ## Do a manicure hand, how can it to wash the dishes? # # To unlock the dishwasher # 101 kinds of functions, etc., resonates with consumers through daily chores around the most common, affecting people's awareness of the dishwasher and needs.


In addition, the organizers will use scientific testing equipment and means to interpret sections of the hot product technical features and highlights, and in vibrato, Little Red Book , known almost as target groups and other platforms eliminating a puzzled, to give consumers a comprehensive and objective understanding of the opportunities dishwasher. Save the city game all the people, drip grace micro movies online activities and more colorful than ever, with lively and interesting, strong appeal this manner dishwasher products to consumers, so that consumers really understand the product, understand product. At the same time, in order to allow the dishwasher industry more standardized and transparent, allowing users to clearly know how to buy better products, the event organizer will be released "2020 White Paper dishwasher buy" from clean, healthy, water-saving, in addition to understanding and awareness of the multiple perspectives bacteria dishwasher products available in the market for guidance dishwasher products, which not only provides an important reference for corporate product innovation, customer mining, marketing, consumers are more correct, in-depth and buy a dishwasher to provide detailed guidance.


At present, the dishwasher industry has entered a growth stage, at this stage most need to allow more users to understand, recognize dishwasher this category. "Allow consumers to understand more of a dishwasher, a step further towards a better life is our duty." Organizers said, "This year is a consumer dishwasher under the guidance of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, the popularity of the fourth year, we have been sparing no effort to promote dishwasher products in the hope that it can bring more people to the convenience of life and health care point of view. "

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