How to buy kitchen central water purifier- Remember these four tips

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how to buy good water purifier is a headache thing, and now the water purifier market product range are many and complex, if you want to buy a suitable kitchen central water purifier a lot of people can not start . But wait, let Xiaobian to explain kitchen central water purifier buying tips.


how to buy kitchen central water purifier? Remember these four tips (Photo from Internet)

1, look at the brand

brand is a symbol of strength, but also to ensure a strong technology and services. When household water purifiers purchase, consumers should try to buy big brands, good reputation of production of water purification products, so as to have good protection in terms of installation, use, sale and so on.

2. Technically

Now household water purifiers on the market most of the RO membranes and reverse osmosis membranes, but the quality is uneven. Therefore, when purchasing home water purifier must buy water purification products using the core technology.

3, see the service

Many consumers after the purchase of a small brand products, there may be encountered "after sell, shall not be responsible or service can not keep other issues. Therefore, when purchasing home water purifier, also have to look at the brand service outlets laying situation, in order to ensure peace of mind.

4, see certificate

many consumers buy when water purifiers, they often ignore the manufacturer's qualification certificate according to the national standard water purifier, water purifier manufacturers must hold a "test" relating to drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document "and specify wading Examination department of State report "before they can sell water purifiers on the market.

to buy kitchen central water purifier requires patience and careful, do not blindly follow the crowd, choose the right product is the most important, hope that articles can help to you.