Home health care water purifier singing on stage

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With the growing emphasis on health, the safety of domestic water demand is increasing. Water purifier followed them into the camp of family life appliances. Of course, as the vanguard of water purification machines, in fact, the city of bottled water before entering the household, in fact, this also shows that consumers are aware of unsafe household water. It has been in transition from the use of tap water to use safe water. Only Bottled water also has security risk - black heart water, household use of long cycle, bacteria and other issues, the key is to drink bottled water only solve the problem, but the bulk of household domestic water kitchen water and bathing water for laundry. Kitchen is actually drinking water, bottled water advantage in these areas is difficult to cover, which makes a new business model with water presentation. To solve a full range of household water security, water purifiers require debut, and only water purifier may debut. The current number of Chinese water purification company, the product has changed from the previous bucket to the real net purification equipment. Consumer groups became active water purifier, products have been popular in urban households. In recent years no matter what you go to the mall can see the water purifier figure, which is meant water purifier has never inflow of goods into the regular army, go in the regular army of the channel. In fact, this change is a big change, also illustrates the problem. Another symptom is rapidly entering the water purifier in the building materials market, there is no city that no building materials, water purification equipment, nor the building materials business people do not know the water purifier, home improvement needs water purifier has become a demand a trend a trend, it is home to the care and health care. I found the next market, water purifier companies also play a crucial role in promoting the development of water purification industry. Shenzhen force source water purification company, in 2012, the products' technical innovation and new product development has been strong investment. In the family whole house water purifier RO water purifier and respect, and signed with AMD (Hong Kong) Company strategic agreement, the agreement in a "low-carbon, innovation, science and technology" as the main direction of cooperation is the only company in the water industry IT and a combination of water industry research and development of high-tech enterprises of the company's technology in the country is far ahead, it also gives us more expectations. Water purifier, will bring home to the people of safe water for the family's health escort convoy.