Common four kinds of household water purifiers water purification technology introduced

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environmental damage, leading to water pollution, loss of water moisture, human survival under severe threat. So, go with the flow of water purification equipment, water purification has become the first choice. At present, an array of water purification products on the market so that consumers have no choice, then how did the water purifier for yourself? Here, for everyone to take stock of what is currently on home water purifier market four common water purification technology provide a reference to assist you in the purchase of home water purifier.


a, microfiltration (the MF)

Microfiltration of the most popular, but the accuracy is not high, generally as a pre-treatment of the water purifier. Microfiltration accuracy is generally 0.1 to 30 microns, as a variety of common PP filter, activated carbon filter, ceramic filter microfiltration belong to the category, for the simple coarse filter, to remove sediment, rust and other large particulate impurities , but can not remove the water of bacteria, viruses, organic matter, heavy metals and other hazardous substances. Water purification microfiltration membrane is typically mounted on the front and reverse osmosis membranes, ultrafiltration water as a pre-processor unit and the RO water, it can effectively protect the reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration, the whole extension machine life.

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