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HC purification network today, water purifier has become an integral part of every household appliances, people can see the role of attention to water safety, water purifier is to filter impurities in the water to protect the drinking water clean and healthy.


We all know that water purifier filter needs cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis, then the pressure of the water purifier barrels need it? The answer is definitely needed.

Here, the small series to introduce the role of a simple water purifier pressure barrels of it! Pressure tank, also known as storage buckets, water purification after the water filter stored in this bucket. With it, we do not need frequent start daily water purifier, water purifier system out of clean water stored, using the water pressure of the pressure tank pressurized water gives water when needed, not only to increase the amount of water, also It solved the drinking water problem of living without water. Pressure barrel, to a certain extent, it can be said to extend the life cycle of water purifiers, water purifiers to achieve the effect of maintenance.


In order to prevent the stored water is contaminated, we recommend to regular cleaning and maintenance to the pressure tank. External pressure tank cleaning is very simple rinsing with water on it. However, the internal use is closed, leaving only the valve core and inlet.

In fact, the internal pressure of the barrel does not need to wash our hands into it, also less than a variety of cleaning fluid, cleaning agents, water purifier only need to start, so that the pressure of the water cycle emissions can be stored in the body.

purifier uses a vacuum pressure barrel airbag extrusion principle, it is necessary to ensure the production of sanitary inner layer. Clean water will flow into the barrel slowly settling in after a short time will not breed any bacteria, but the inflow of fresh water in the tub will be shipped partially outside air, once the water is stored for too long, it will breed bacteria.

wanted to make sure the internal pressure tank clean, a better approach is to store water after use can be completed in 1-3 days, before emptying the water reservoir again first class. If there have been prolonged storage, or the need for cleaning the barrel, then emptying the water can be several times more than originally stored in the barrel.

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