Cohabitation brand-name quality water purifier water purifier market worrying sale

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water pollution caused great distress to people's health, but also urging hot selling water purifiers and other industries. 3rd Reporter learned in the investigation, the lack of consumer expertise, in the face of dozens of brands of water purifiers, inevitably there will be problems I do not know how to choose; on the other hand, because of the lack of relevant standards constraints, water purification market mixed, a variety of quality and after-sales problem crops up frequently, frustrating and helpless.

 净水器市场鱼龙混杂 杂牌净水器质量售后堪忧

at 3:00 on the 3rd afternoon, the reporter came within a large mall in Central City, Junshan road. In the appliance area reporter saw a variety of brands of water purifiers in the sale. "Come and see the water purifier it, buy it now there are promotions." Said mall sales staff.

"We are the country's leading water purifier, our brand is one of the country's top ten water purifier brand, we believe that the brand is absolutely nothing wrong." In-store sales staff said so.

Although the sales staff said, full of confidence, but reporters found in the survey, many brands of water purifier salesman say their brand is the "top ten water purifier brand." As for the "top ten water purifier" what "Top Ten", each sales staff said are not the same.

In addition it is difficult to purchase, the water purifier market quality and also criticized the aftermarket. As we all know, the market is bound to cohabitation doping some small companies to enter these small no-name company's water purifier on the quality certainly not as big brands better. Not only that, some small companies because of weak viability, after being nipped in the jungle competition in the market, its after-sales service also whom end, many consumers have purchased the product should not enjoy after-sales service.

 净水器市场鱼龙混杂 杂牌净水器质量售后堪忧

"the time to buy this machine says everything is good, less waste water filter with a long time, but I only spent less than six months, the machine is broken, this do? "Xuecheng Fu Yuan, who lives in the community of Lee told reporters earlier this year to buy a water purifier, less than six months on the bad, when he was looking for a business theory, but found when purchasing a water purifier stores have already changed the door first. To produce a search online to know the brand of water purifier manufacturers during the preceding closed down, I could not find the relevant service with the.

water purifier vendor Xu said that since 2012, our water purifier market began to grow rapidly,Also known breeds in water purifier. Today, many families turn to choose a more convenient water purifier. Water purifier market while demand steadily growing, attracting the attention of many businessmen, whether large or small companies, have been pouring into this emerging market.

"The market competition is brutal and realistic, small companies may be able to earn some of the sweetness in the early days, but with the gradual disclosure of market information and consumer buying experience of the growing, small companies will inevitably be the market eliminated. "Mr. Xu said, there is no uniform industry standard specifications and prices, resulting in uneven quality water purifier, the price disparity, some of the products of industry profits even as high as 40% -50%.