Brain hole wide open air purifier can withstand Ebola

2020-06-14 22:48:33  来源:  编辑:admin

Recently, the news media everywhere Ebola virus among so many people into a panic, the incidence of Ebola cases in the state similar to the movie "zombie", which makes a lot of people out a cold sweat, because of the high mortality rate of this disease, and yet there is no very effective treatment, so a lot of people dreaded. How to prevent a topic of concern to many people. First, many of my friends think of is to make use of these air purifiers destroy disease-causing bacteria. But numerous air purifier brands on the market, different purification technology, product technology which is more effective at killing viruses and bacteria when the buy it? That was first of all let's look at it the Ebola virus.

The earliest recorded Ebola was discovered in 1976 in the Congo (DRC) (formerly Zaire), and later a river in northern local name thus the name. At that time, an unknown virus coming, and frantically murder "Ebola" people River 55 villages, resulting in hundreds of loss of life, and some families even spared, "Ebola virus" and thus derived name. After a lapse of three years (1979), "Ebola" virus has ravaged Sudan, and sometimes littered with corpses. After two "atrocity", "Ebola" virus will mysteriously disappeared for 15 years, disappear without a trace. Experts in the study found that "Ebola" virus has some heat, but 60 minutes will be killed at 60 degrees Celsius. Virus is mainly present in the patient's body fluids, blood, so the patient of used syringes, needles, various needle, cannula, etc., should be thoroughly sterilized, the most reliable to use a high-pressure steam sterilization. Ebola virus may also spread through the air.