Neijiang anti-poverty project start drinking water purifier 400 people benefiting Sweet City

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China Building Materials News: Water is the source of life. World Health Organization The World Health Organization (WHO) survey showed that 80 percent of the world's disease and 50% of child deaths are related to poor water quality and drinking water, resulting in as many as 50 kinds of diseases. May 27 morning, Neijiang health anti-poverty project launching ceremony of drinking water in the District and the city of Dongxing District, through the open area of ??water purification machines donated issuing public event held in the continent Square district.


in August 2016, the National Health and Health Assembly, the General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed: "There is no national health, there is no well-off." As a result, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and Water Recycling Association launched the "Healthy Water Poverty Reduction Project", aims mainly to poverty-stricken areas, to benefit the rural poor water quality of drinking water in rural areas, schools and urgent need to solve the drinking water a safe place, and for the province to carry out health class precision poverty alleviation projects.

Neijiang related to leader of the poor health of drinking water is an important part of tackling poverty is a major event to benefit ten million people bearing on people's health, there are currently Neijiang rural poor quality of drinking water, affect public health, water quality needs to be improved. While the unit as an important part of healthy drinking water, poverty alleviation project is to poor areas, poor water quality in the region, serving the masses more focused and specific groups donated water purifier.

To this end, Chengdu, Sichuan Province Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and company Shengyuan Yang light to Neijiang water purifier donated 400 units with a total value of 1.992 million yuan. It is understood that, in accordance with the wishes and requirements of Sichuan Province Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Shengyuan Yang light of the company, the recipient of this fountain will be donated to poor water quality in the most basic level, most vulnerable, most in need, most people can benefit more local.