Interpretation Division Bot household water purification materials commonly used seven kinds of wate

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in the purchase of household water purifiers, first of all get to buy wading products health permits this document, that is, water purification products to go through the administrative department of health permits, water quality to comply with relevant hygiene standards or specifications.

In addition, before choosing household water purifiers, water treatment materials also read product in order to choose the right product according to their needs. It should be bright, the current common household water purification treatment material generally has 7:

1 PP nonwoven fabric and cotton: can remove particulate impurities, colloid, reducing water turbidity .

2 Activated carbon: adsorbed water may be small organic molecules, chlorine, water disinfection by-product, color, odor, heavy metals and other toxic substances, improving the taste of water.

cationic resin 3: can remove excess water, heavy metals and calcium and magnesium ions, to improve the taste. .

4 membrane: filtration accuracy of 0.1 m, can remove organic impurities, colloids, bacteria and other particulate suspended solids and some viruses.

5 nanofiltration membrane (NF membrane): 0.01-0.001 micron filtration precision, may remove organic matter, bacteria, viruses, selectively remove heavy metal ions, calcium and magnesium ions, minerals and trace elements retained portion .

6 a reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane): filtration accuracy of 0.001-0.0001 m, can remove all the material in water.

7 High-purity copper, zinc particles (KDF):. To clear 99% of chlorine and water soluble metal, have a significant effect on the control of the breeding of bacteria, algae.