Marco Polo Experience- six-step water purification agents quickly find the sales breakthrough

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A lot of people have not joined water purification industry, or are preparing to do water purification agents who have a lot of concern, fear not sell water purifiers, water purifiers fear the prospect of not good enough other reasons, the delay in water purification agents to do or not to join the wandering hesitant, Marco Polo as a water purifier water purification industry's top ten brands, Chinese water purification company specializing in the production, based on years of market experience, to summarize, water purification agents, how to quickly find the breaking point. The first point: cooperation, coordination of the distribution of personnel, their talent, the best use, water purification agents to be in charge of a water purifier brand in the development of a city, need shopping guide, installation, service and so on, but not net all water heaters agents should know, everything they do, but to water purification agents who will assign a good coordination of these people, the only way water purification agents in order to better market to profitable markets. The second point: to learn more experience, a person is limited to personal experience, that would be much less take detours if all regions of the agents together to share their experiences, presumably heart should be very clear, water purification agents should always participate device manufacturers organize all kinds of group activities, and local community activities, water purification agents to be more involved in water purification business training courses, etc., and more interaction with agents in different regions. The third point: to learn more about the local market in a dynamic market their own water purification, water purification experts recommend Marco Polo agent to learn more about the region's dynamic market where their main requirements, water purification agents want to know about the details of competitors, products, price, promotion, channels, and so must have a detailed understanding of, and more to study the opponent, understand the market, understand the opponent but also create opportunities for themselves, understand cross-industry alliance, a group of people to find their own horse in the market, the customer is able to introduce yourself possible referral multi-talent and so on. The fourth point: in water purification agents to develop their own independence, does not have independent agents usually have the following categories; the first category, choose a good quality when the agent, the big brand influence water purifier brand, then open a shop, waiting for customers to come to kind of sit back and wait type we usually call agents, as agents to know the brand only trade advantage, not absolute advantage in the regional market, it is recommended that Marco Polo or active agents attack, will be able to do more with less. The fifth point: many agents often complain that manufacturers do not support policies in place to support is indeed very important, but done well agents are on their ownBecause as he can do water purifier manufacturers will support you give your opinion, you are really able to realize the operation or the agents themselves. Water purification agents have to learn to deal with their own affairs, rather than simply relying on the manufacturers support, enabling manufacturers is short, so can not sustain your long-term interests. The sixth point: water purifier brand is built on the basis of a high degree of confidence, full of self-confidence and team will make customers feel the presence of your presence and your brand, do any brand, we must first convince their own, even themselves convince, without mentioning the brand, to talk about business, as water purification agents, water purifiers Marco Polo remind agents you want to use your self-confidence move people around, no employee is not willing to follow a leader confident as they look no hope, give employees want, even to relatives and family members around you with confidence, they do not have confidence, how to help you have confidence, confidence is your solid backing. "Do not want the general's soldiers is not a good soldier, also do not want to make big money is not a good water purifier agents agents." Marco Polo purifier Summary: With the rapid development of water purification market, more and more uncertain prospects of the industry , water purification agents franchisee as the vanguard of the struggle in the first-line market, the need to constantly improve their strength, in order to remain unbeaten in the market.