Four forecast plight Shu 2019 home dealers will face

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2018 was a year of practice. This year, a variety of innovative, fission and breakthrough after another, the traditional channel access is being reconstructed, partly because the market is saturated, the Chinese economy has entered a number of cap stage, on the other hand, the information revolution is rapidly from the C-terminus spread to the B-side, face cap industry, manufacturers of pressure, electricity supplier robbery, and other operating costs raise, the dealer's situation more dangerous. In this context, in 2019, the main home dealers face several difficulties, or bigger, or do die!

cliff-style store traffic fell

The first dilemma is the cliff-style store traffic fell.

home building materials have a measure called BHI, which is referred to as the national climate index of home building materials, by the Ministry of Commerce Circulation Development Division, China Building Materials Circulation Association jointly issued the boom of home building materials stores terminal index .

According to the latest release of BHI data show that in November BHI index was 90.81, a decline of 10.73%, down 1.25% year on year, the national scale home building materials stores in November sales of 84.26 billion yuan, down 13.16% . Interpretation of the relevant departments, following the "Golden September and Silver October," not busy season, November national home building materials market into the traditional winter off-season, sharply lower than the BHI ring. By statistical trend of the past three years BHI index found that from the beginning of last year, the national home building materials overall sentiment index dropped a gear obvious, it shows the difficult plight of the home store behind it.

In addition, the impact of electronic business platform and diversify further aggravate the store passenger dispersed. The impact of electronic business platform and the Internet, go to the middle of the channel, traffic dispersion, price transparency, leading distributor of home stores difficult to attract tourists; Furthermore, is fragmented customer channels to bring diversion.

consumption upgrading era, time and experience become important, consumers are willing to spend money and time service, quality of service and products complement each other. B2C market compared to their selection of building materials, spend a lot of time, effort and money that contains the difference to the dealer, consumers want a simpler way to more peace of mind to solve the problem of decoration, which also indicates that the times will soon be over half a pack, ready home improvement industry has become an irreversible trend. Self-contained, all-inclusive renovation mode and real estate will hardcoverKill off future store traffic, passenger traffic over the past days there will be no waves, and now more and more terminal stores, hardcover, ready, buy, diversified micro-channel marketing and other channels, home building materials stores will go cliff-style passenger traffic decline!

In fact, this year, many traditional building materials market mergers and acquisitions have occurred shut down phenomenon, Beijing loving family home West Fourth Ring shop, museum lighting Yuquanying building materials market, the Shanghai Hongkou District 000 home building materials wholesale, Putuo District Jinsheng good blessing to the home market, Chengdu House River Bridge and a number of old building materials market has closed down, can expect this trend more pronounced in the future, home stores will face a number of mergers and acquisitions wave and tidal closed shop . Recession and a decline in store traffic, fierce competition will inevitably result in the front, who can become a means closer to victory in 2019 from customers.

2019 home building materials stores cliff-style traffic will decline, this is an indisputable fact, after more stores will be carrying the products, many visitors the ability to become weaker, or home building materials business will into the average supermarket, home Depot etc., and daily consumer goods on the same stage, may be able to appear in the near future. Dealers only create a good internal team, the whole network layout, so that their customers closer distance is king.

raise operating costs

The second dilemma is to raise the operating costs.

First of all, this level dealers, other dealers have pressure on manufacturers to task and cash inventory pressure, under a decoration company billing cycle longer being paid under pressure even in the middle of a group of the same the same boat competition drive down prices. You can be summed up with a joke: your money? Yahuo up! And your cargo? sold! What about your money? Yahuo up. Operating cost remains high.

Secondly, the current distributor, its main way of profit from the product, along with changes in the circulation market and the manufacturers marketing channels more and more flat, more and more manufacturers choose to establish cooperation with the terminal relations, dealer status in the weakened, how do? To make a transition terminal. Popular in the industry saying "do the terminal seeking death, not the terminal waiting to die." However, this is not an easy thing, the dealer in the face of insatiable high cost of the terminal and the terminal can only be "knocked out teeth pharynx to the stomach", leading to elevated operating costs.

In addition, today's home sales is no longer a single entityStore sales channels, with the home consumer groups increasingly biased younger, "one-stop-shop" has become the need of younger age groups, and therefore home sales channels must also change accordingly changed! 2019, had simply run a product distributors must begin to implement multi-species, cross-cutting operation, the entire home building industry began to move "big building" business model, distributors of our products will be more complete, more product categories to more. At the same time, the dealer must create a professional team to adapt its business model, which will inevitably lead to elevated operating costs.

Therefore, how to control operating costs while restructuring and development will be the 2019 home dealers either bigger or do one of the core die!

capital chain tension

The third dilemma is the capital chain tension.


In addition to elevated operating costs, capital chain tension is also home dealers had to face. With respect to the non-custom home inventory, asset-light situation, most of the traditional household inventory and dealers should bear the financial pressure, if there is not enough traffic, or can not receive timely payment, it is likely to cause capital chain tension.

According to some media visited Guangzhou regional distribution of data: the actual use of a shop area of ??150 square meters, and one month's rent of about 50,000, about 30,000 artificial, then the need for preservation of sales 80,000 x5, is 400,000; 80,000 x6 profit requires sales, is 480,000. Like so much of Guangzhou long time, the auto company in business for 15 tile stores, five floor stores, in addition to an annual off-season deal with the deficit, but each store every month to ensure that at least 30 million in sales to do not lose money. And so on, most of the home dealer if there is no one to two million of reserve funds in the event of off-season or are owed money, they will face bleak business even closed position.

At the same time, between the distributors and manufacturers of home there are complex interests, leading to capital chain tension. It is understood Fan Jushi, household dealers in order to cope with the tense capital chain problems encountered in the course of business, in addition to lending outside with friends, colleagues, others will be by way of asset-backed loans, such as mortgage through a bank loan, or directly with manufacturers to borrow money, as a money delivery to the manufacturers; conversely, when experiencing stressful manufacturers funds will reverse loan with the dealer. If distributionBusiness case back section 1 million, manufacturers will promise more than 15% of the issued goods, and so on and so forth, conflicting interests and lending the complex relationship between manufacturers and dealers to let a close relationship, but once the problem will be more serious consequences, resulting in economic disputes are also common.

Thus, in 2019 on how to avoid the capital chain tension is also home dealers had to face difficulties, and only adequate funding will survive in this "make a transition end" of the market.

technical services increasingly demanding

The fourth dilemma is to ask technical services more and more!

Currently, the most common home dealers generally weak overall strength, most dealers still family-run shop management, and even many dealers offer a "multi-city shop" model of the number of stores, also in accordance with the management model mom and pop operations.

However, whether hardcover housing policy after 2020 will be fully landed or 80, 90 become the main force of consumption, consumer spending habits change, the future of the single store operating space will become increasingly narrow, only provided Helping ability of dealers to get the favor of the market. But the layman is not ready to want to do as well, ready to achieve the required strength in all aspects, technical service requirements will be higher, such as a collection of hard-mounted, soft equipment and accessories supply chain systems. However, the traditional home dealers, and no such integrated whole category of products, technical capacity, in China 4 trillion sheer size of the home improvement market, the vast majority of small and medium enterprises and dealers step, but these Hom.

In addition, dealers do end 2019 to create "new retail" stores at least wise to include: marketing, shopping guide, designed to upgrade and service delivery. Marketing wisdom, to create an appointment from the line to the line to complete the shop closed for precise digital marketing; wisdom shopping guide, user portrait constantly improving, accurate and effective to show users want products that can help stores achieve effective residence time to further promote the transformation and so on.

In this context, the wisdom of the normal operation of the store depends on its ability to create a well-trained team of professionals has a drainage capacity of marketing! Such as professional planning staff, professional designers, professional market take forward commissioner, commissioner copy from the media, to strikes, the manager, the manager will do after-sales service management, accountants do financial analysis,Professional merchandiser professionals, such as internal trainers. This means that next year home dealers can meet increasingly high requirements of technical services, will determine the survival of its transformation: either bigger or do die!

for the plight of 2019 will face home dealers, Fan Jushi believes dealers can first reduce the number of store size to a certain proportion, to undertake new retail part of the function, large collaborative data analysis operations, a large amount of inventory reduction improve the efficiency of cargo turnover, and slowly replaced by the middle of the middle class the following service decoration company's design and construction capability and the ability of workers to form and foreman or sales, design and construction of a comprehensive integration services, while the reasonable control of operating costs, improve technical service capabilities.

2019, or bigger, or do die!

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