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People are living without water, adding to environmental pollution directly affects water quality problems, it is bound to affect our health, so we are now more and more attention to water quality problems. In recent years, there has been an increasing number of water purifier brand, which appears Goldis rain water purifier industry can be described as bamboo shoots in spring, growing lush, indeed, rain water purifier Goldis reputation not only by the majority of consumer recognition, also won various awards, such as:? "for five consecutive top ten brands of water purifiers holder" of the title (Photos from the network, intrusion deleted) in the end how it Goldis rain water purifier 1, many kinds of products so far, Kim Shi Yu product water equipment is more comprehensive, divided into two modules for household and commercial use. Selectivity to the public is a great addition also mastered the "six strong core," "intelligence touchscreen", "double open-water" and other core technologies, applications and have excellent water purifier 108 patented technology. Is the water purification industry leader! 2, one of the reasons high cost of gold poem rain consumers prefer, because he was the product cost is very high, is in general consumers are more able to withstand the range. Now gold has more to poetry rain water purification plant, the plant covers an area of ??50,000 square meters on the area, as well as 20,000 square meters of production workshop hundred thousand clean, they are a from production to sales are the integration of a modern high-tech enterprises so with a strong cost advantage in this industry water purifier. 3, after-sales service points than the other, I believe we are most concerned about the aftermarket is the product, especially a water purifier that requires regular filter replacement electrical products, and service outlets Goldis rain water purifiers throughout the country, and the importance of each and every franchisee Goldis rain professional training system, can effectively solve the problem of sale of a variety of the latter will lead to. Here I believe we have to introduce a clear understanding of Goldis rain water purifier brand it! (Article from the network, intrusion deleted)