Changchun will be built 20 year automatic water quality monitoring stations

2020-06-11 16:57:32  来源:  编辑:admin

Changchun City, Jilin Province this year will build 20 water environmental quality automatic monitoring stations in the city's rivers, lakes and state-controlled, provincial control and water quality monitoring sections. These automatic monitoring stations built, the city's major rivers, lakes and reservoirs will be fully automated weather monitoring.

In recent years, Changchun City, continue to strengthen the capacity building of surface water monitoring, water quality monitoring stations have been built four. Among them, state-controlled examination section 3, located in the village of Songhua River in Changchun, Changchun backing the south tower, Xinlicheng dam; province-controlled sections 1, located Shitoukoumen dam. Will be the new 20 automatic water quality monitoring stations in the environment, state-controlled section 5 assessment, evaluation of non-state-controlled sections 3, 12 provinces controlled sections.

It is understood that after the 20 automatic water quality monitoring stations built in Changchun City will have 24 automatic water quality monitoring stations throughout the city of Changchun major rivers lakes and reservoirs, will monitor automatic water quality monitoring data to the data platform levels, real-time control river water quality changes, provide the basis for assessment of the river section. At the same time, in time for the prevention of water pollution emergency response monitoring to provide first-hand information to facilitate the district (county) government, the Development Zone to carry water pollution control, continued to improve river water quality.

Changchun Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau official says, automatic water quality monitoring with continuous, real-time, all-weather advantages, promote the construction of automatic water quality monitoring network, to enhance the water quality monitoring and warning capabilities, to further improve the quality of surface water monitoring data, an important measure to clarify the water, environmental responsibility, and promote continuous improvement of the quality of the water environment. Water quality monitoring stations automatically assume the task of building area government should define the tasks and the time frame for completion, so that clear objectives and specific measures, responsibility to the people, in accordance with the time node inverted schedule to ensure timely completion of construction tasks.

(Source: China Environment News)