What Konka water purifier investment policy is to join the hotline is how many

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Since the pneumonia outbreak occurs, water purifier Konka headquarters attaches great importance to the first time to respond to national call, and turn on epidemic prevention and control measures within. In these times of crisis, water purifier Konka headquarters is willing to join with partners to tide over the difficulties. For 2020, Konka need to join the venture investors purifier, water purifier Konka also provides a number of policies to join, with a look. (Source: Konka clean water organ network, invasion deleted) water purifier Konka join what policy is it? Pre-opening support ◆ Support site: a professional development team Assessment store location. ◆ pre-built shop: Konka water purifier Operations full assistance to follow up the progress of construction of stores, to ensure open on schedule. ◆ built in the mid-shop franchisee and staff related training, such as: the practical operation of technical training, marketing, training, management training. Build stores opened late and support ◆ headquarters will send professionals in store counseling support, technical training for early intensive consolidation, to ensure the smooth opening, the daily operation of the system floor. Headquarters will provide the opening program of activities to improve the visibility of the franchise, to fully protect the stores opened smoothly. ◆ support daily operations Konka water purifier has a strong R & D team and logistics team, will continue to update the product iterations, can also provide an adequate supply for the franchisee. ◆ subsequent periodic training support, to protect you. Konka water purifier power line, water purifier Konka to join, let us fight side by side! Now call the Hotline 0755-26608866 for more policy to join it. Look forward to working with you!