Consumer electronics industry by 2017 Focus- Health class needs heating appliances

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By 2017, China's consumer electronics industry is facing unprecedented pressure to upgrade: on the one hand, traditional consumer electronics market is saturated, many categories and even slower growth experienced declining; on the other hand, intelligent wave hit round, each manufacturers have products labeled "smart" label, embraced the wave of intelligence become industry consensus and direction of the transformation.

intelligent home appliances

living in the cold winter, spring micro letter to the air conditioning at home, let it start warm-up ahead of time, will be able to enjoy home warm ...... Today, this simple intelligent life is close at hand.

"Internet +" and a new generation of information technology to consumer electronics products are becoming increasingly intelligent and powerful features, a variety of smart appliances competing on the market: in early March, Haier intelligent Internet platform release smart speakers in Shanghai, intelligent the toilet lid, sweeping machines, electric toothbrushes and other variety of intelligent hardware products for the consumer to build scenes of intelligent life; April 12, the US launch of smart home central air conditioning and other three strategic new products, to show the transition in HVAC field and transformation; at the end of 8, TCL released X6 equipped with artificial intelligence system, C5, P6 three series of TV products; December 7, Hisense refrigerators and Jingdong jointly launched the custom Shop Comba smart refrigerator 550.

The rapid development of smart technology, to promote the home appliance industry usher in a new round of industrial revolution. Earlier appliances sold transaction is over, the product only played a short-term "bridge" to bring corporate earnings are one-time, companies can not get the depth consumer information by product. In Intelligent mode, the product has become a real business and user communication channels, products sold is only the beginning of service transactions, companies can provide continuity of value-added services to customers.

Now, networking, remote control, APP management, sensor technology, voice recognition and other technologies related to smart appliances are increasingly accepted by consumers and recognized. Home appliance manufacturers, has embraced the wave of intelligent unavoidable in the context of consumer upgrades, companies must promptly eliminate backward production capacity, a supply-side reforms.

intelligent speaker "entry battle"

With the major companies get together and admission, intelligent speaker market is moving from the Red Sea into a blue ocean. June 20, launched the first full contents of the Himalayan AI speaker "Xiaoya" smart speaker collarAdds a domain. Fiji Communications recently announced that it will introduce smart speaker.

concept of artificial intelligence hot today, is considered the starting point of intelligent speaker and family entrance AI interactive smart home, triggering Amazon, Google and other technology companies into the global Bureau. In China, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Jingdong, millet, Lenovo and other companies have also wading intelligent speaker market.

effort to develop science and technology enterprises are intelligent speaker, because the speaker has a strong intelligent interactive features, is widely recognized as smart home control center. The major manufacturers on the one hand want to take the opportunity to enhance the ability of its products man-machine communication, on the one hand hoping to become the voice assistant in series points more services. But the smart speakers in the country to sell the amount to be "explosion models", and product experience, content, technology, ecology, and many other factors related not only need to be polished end product and interactive terminal, but also need to optimize the service content itself.

healthy demand for home appliances like heating

With the growing popularity of the concept of national consumer health, "health" of becoming a new trend in the development of home appliance industry. The PRC released data show that three quarters of 2017, a healthy environment and a healthy diet class product size and type of home appliances retail sales industry growth surge. Wherein the air cleaner grew 43.3%, an increase of 20.2% water purification equipment, an increase of 73.8% mixer. Emerging health appliance category showed a rapid growth trend, the traditional home appliances gradually to the "health" of closer. The market scale of my country's air purifier nearly 600 million units in the next few years is expected to become an air purifier after color TV sets, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines family's fifth-largest home appliance products.

At present, our health class household appliance market is in rapid development period, driving market growth mainly driven by three core aspects: First, to enhance income per capita enhanced spending power; the second is to enhance people's health consciousness consumption willingness; Third, new products and technologies to strengthen consumer awareness of the product. In the pursuit of quality of life for all the people of consumer trends, consumer concern about the "health" has reached unprecedented levels, the health considerations become an important reference for consumers to purchase home appliances.

TV market two camps confront

2017, domestic color TV market, weak consumer demand, brought about by the sluggish market environment is the color TV industry moreFierce competition. At the same time, OLED TVs and quantum dot technology television two camps compete in the high-end market has grown more heated. On the one hand, with the addition of Sony, gathering LG, Skyworth, Changhong, Konka and other brands of OLED camp more powerful; on the other hand, the quantum dot TV in TCL, Samsung, Hisense, driven by significantly improved penetration . Currently, this is the future mainstream TV show Who game technology has attracted many TV manufacturers stand.

product upgrading and structural adjustment is the main theme of 2017's color TV market, large-screen, high-end consumer demand is released. From the history of the development of color TV industry point of view, technology contention has always been there. At each stage of the development of color TV industry, various manufacturers have different views on the technical direction. In the "post-LCD era", OLED and quantum dots future market who is the winner of the final will depend on consumer choice.

domestic panel courageously catch up

"lack of core small screen" was embarrassing portrayal of the Chinese consumer electronics industry. In recent years, as the global panel industry focus accelerate the migration to mainland China, domestic panel is fast emerging. Currently, the shipments of Chinese mainland panel makers have tight Korean enterprises. 2017 third quarter, the BOE with a 21.7% market share, becoming the first large-size panel market share first in the world; October 26, Chengdu BOE 6-generation flexible OLED panel production line production, which is China's first, the world's second six-generation flexible OLED panel line production, breaking the Korean companies monopoly in flexible OLED panel market; December 20, BOE Hefei 10.5-generation TFT-LCD production line ahead of schedule, which is the highest's first global generation line, a new milestone in the global display industry.

accelerate the development of the display industry, it has an important role to ensure the healthy development of my country's electronic information industry. At present, China has become the show a big country, but not the power display, which is a significant lack of supporting capacity upstream panel is still very weak. The next few years, the global display industry structure, technological innovation and competition will be profound changes, my country's new show how the industry in this critical period, from a run to catch up with the industry's need to seriously think about the subject.

memory price shock

2017, memory prices have been skyrocketing, like riding a roller coaster. In aThe most commonly used computer models 8GB Kingston memory, for example, the current online latest price of 899 yuan, compared to last year, the price of 200 yuan to 300 yuan, up nearly tripled. With this increase, the memory is dubbed the Year financial products. The industry is expected, the first half of 2018, memory prices remained high-end level, the memory market is still in the pattern of the trend of tight supply. Memory prices shot up all the way, while South Korean companies earn pours, and downstream industry chain of China's major mobile phone manufacturers, computer manufacturers will have to pay more fees, and even faces take money can not buy embarrassment goods.

the current round memory prices rose sharply, mainly because of recent overseas memory makers adjustment of product structure, while market demand and rapid growth, resulting in tight memory situations. As an oligopoly market, the world's memory is mainly in the hands of Samsung Electronics, Micron Technology, Hynix three foreign-funded enterprises, the country is almost blank. To achieve localization of memory is imminent, China must develop its own memory, and the next 3-5 years will be extremely important critical period.

(Source: Economic Information Daily)