-Double eleven- Raiders the key optional purifier material

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"two-eleven" come again, every year, double stick section are crazy big shopping, mall big discounts, online shopping more crazy, you men have to keep up their bank card and wallet . When it comes to shopping, I have to say really is a woman's nature, no matter what to buy are keen. Of course, the same is true of water purifiers, water purifiers select key thing is to see their own material and performance. Below, a brief look at what the material and the performance of different water purifier but do not have any of it!


"two-eleven" buy water purifiers Raiders the key material

1, PP water purification filter: PP filter built monocular various water purification, generally low price, but it is easy to clog the filter, to be replaced frequently, and the filtration accuracy is not high, only water preliminary filter.

2, activated carbon filters: eliminate different color and odor of water, bacteria, etc. but can not remove other harmful substances in water, sediment, rust removal is very poor.

3, reverse osmosis water: complete removal of the beneficial and harmful substances in water, pure water output. Pressing need power, low utilization rate of water (waste water, less water, typically about 50% of the waste water). High purification costs, low flow, to solve the problem only drink water.

4, softener: reproduction generally use sodium calcium replacement resin in water, magnesium ions, since only softened, reducing the effect of water hardness, can not purify, can not remove harmful contaminants from water.

5, barrel purifier: a dispenser mounted on the barrel water purification, generally using activated carbon, ceramic, mineralization ball filter material, the filtration accuracy is not high, it is totally trapped filtration cleaning inconvenience, easy to form secondary pollution, a small amount of water, just locate and solve the water problem, but in fact people are afraid to clear filtration technology to drink.

6, UF water purifier: can effectively remove sediment, rust, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, organic molecules and other harmful substances, and retention of trace minerals beneficial to human body. Long filter life, large volume of water, no need to increase power, pressure, purify low cost, high water use efficiency, suitable for a large number of domestic water purification.

7, mixed media filters: The features of different filtration materials, using a combination of technologies to achieve a wide range of water treatment, full and effectiveRemove the water of harmful substances. The water purifier Paez, consider using gold media, precision ceramic core technology, combined with high performance of coconut carbon, effectively removing harmful substances in water 99%; purification can easily meet the demand for home kitchen water.

8, functional purifier: Some claim that on the market there are many water machine has the health functions, such as ion water machine, water machine spectrum, and magnetic, mineral, and other activated water purifier but in fact these water features do not have the function of propaganda, but also because they do not have a true water purifier filter function, can not solve the real problem of water pollution. Ministry of Health has promulgated in July 2005 announcement, wading product must not claim to have any health functions, banned the sale of all parts of deionized water and other functional water dispenser.

most water purifiers on the market today are for solving water problems, demands and benefits compared to bottled purified water, bottled water and compete.